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On this page you have access to categorised information shown on satellite maps for Isla Margarita.
Click at the links below to see the geographic positions for the type of information that interests you. A new browser windows will appear with text based information on the left. By clicking these, the map will show where you find these locations.

You may navigate yourself around in the map by clicking and dragging in the direction you want. You may also zoom in and out in the map with the help of the left menu in the map window. Furthermore, you may click at the icons in the map to read more about the locations.

 Map only Places Beaches Coastal points
 Islands Forts Museums Churchs
 Hotels Posadas Restaurants Bars
 Laundries Hospitals Travel agents Rentals

See Margarita through Google Earth
Information shown in Google Earth
Google Earth

If you are using Google Earth (highly recommended to get to know Isla Margarita from "above"), you may click HERE to download the whole information and see it in one map, just like the small map at the left indicates.
Click HERE to see the picture in full size. 

NOTE: We are aware of that not all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are able to show the information correctly. It is supposed to look like this in your browser:

Display of the location for Playa Manzanillo
Playa Manzanillo

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