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About Us Skriv ut

www.islamargarita.no is owned and managed by a Norwegian owned compan registred in Venezuela as a public limited Co/Ltd. Margarita Invest Scandinavia (Venezuelan RIF: J-31712550-9) primarily aims to inform people about Margarita. If people want to buy or rent property here, we will be able to assist by finding the right property, giving advices in purchase process, getting clients in touch with good lawyers and help with all pre and post activities related to a purchase. Read more about services further down on this page.

About our web pages
Our web pages inform you about the everyday life on Margarita as well as the nature, activities and the situation on Margarita and also in Venezuela. We try to be as honest as possible, so that you know what to expect when you arrive, as a tourist, or as a future settler.
Are you looking for something special? Use the search field to your upper right on the homepage.
You are not obliged to do anything if you contact us, and of course it doesn’t cost anything. Neither will we be contacting you later on, only if you request us to.

The reason for establishing Margarita Invest Scandinavia, was that we see the need for someone to be a middleman between the one who want to buy a property, and the seller here on Margarita. The language (Spanish) is not known to everyone and the legislation and culture are different for most of the tourists and investors. So different that many people don’t want to do business her because of these ”impediments”.

The prices for property are still very low on Margarita, and the climate is simply fantastic. Travelling to Margarita is easy, and also the fact that Margarita is one of very few places in the Caribbean that you actually CAN buy property, makes the island a good investment.

Key personell in Margarita Invest Scandinavia

Rune is partially living on Isla Margarita. His background as an appraiser makes him able to find the best properties.

Stein has lived and worked on Margarita and in Venezuela for several years and has developed many contacts, and a good understanding on business and culture. Buying and selling property is one of the fields that Stein may contribute in a very positive way.

We, together with our Venezuelan colleagues and contacts have a great knowledge about Margarita, and will be able to help you with everything from giving you information on tourist activities and finding hotels, to helping you to find and buy your dream home.

Read here about Our services
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