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Food and drinks
Most products are cheap on Margarita. The island has been duty free since 1966, and free port since 1975, so products with high taxes, as well as local goods, are very cheap. Alcohol is of course cheap; 36 cans of local beer would be around USD 5, and a bottle of local rum cost around USD 3. 2 litres of Coke is around USD 1.

Venezuela is one of the cheapest countries in the world when it comes to gas. 80 Bs per litre, i.e USD 0,04 or 4 cents per litre. Of course due to subsidies from the Government.

Electricity and taxes
In adition to food, drinks and gas, you will have to pay for electricity and removal of the garbage. These are both charges of the same bill. Electricity cost around 4 US cents/kWh if you own a two bedroom flat, and monthly cost would bee around USD 30. However, the electricity get more expensive the more you use, so try to adapt to the warm climate so taht you don't have to use the air conditioning al the time, it could be expensive. Removal of the garbage would cost around USD 2 per month.

When you buy a house on Margarita, there is most likely a private owned water tank from where you get all the water you use for bathrooms, kitchen etc. This water comes either from trucks or directly from pipelines. The pipelines are no longer dimensioned for all the people living on Margarita, so you may need to get water from a tank lorry once in a while if you don't choose living in an area with good infrastructure. The tanks usually contain 5000-30000 litres, and is sufficient for a few weeks. This is not drinking water, but if you have installed filters, it's possible to drink it. Water will cost around USD 10 per month. If you live in a flat, the water usually is stored in one big tank, and the expenses are normally covered through the condominium fees. 

Telephone and Internet
CANTV is responsible for all the phonelines, and from a fixed line local calls are very cheap. International calls are still quite expensive. Many foreigners use their GSM based cell phones, which is possible, provided that your operator has concluded on a roaming agreement with Digitel in Venezuela. Calling local numbers will be typically 20-30% more expensive compared to using a local cell phone. Receiving calls from your country could be expensive, since you have to pay the international rate between your country and Margarita. You may also buy a SIM card and a prepaid card on Margarita. Calling local numbers are not to expensive and receiving calls are free.

If you want an internet connection in your house, you may choose between the traditional dial up-connection (PSTN) and a broadband solution (DSL). The prices from CANTV, the supplier, can be found here.

It’s hard to tell how much living on Margarita will cost. Some want nice cars and big houses, others are quite happy with a shed on the beach and a hammock between two palm trees. But, a rough estimate could be that if you’re an economical person, you would spend something around 700-900 USD a month. This covers rentals, transportation, food, drinks, phone calls, electricity and water. However, you won’t be able to go on the golf course and to the lounge bars every day for this amount.

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