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We try to help tourists, investors and others with their needs in relation to Isla Margarita.

Answering all requests
We spend a lot of time to answer emails from an increasing number of people. Everybody (yes, everybody) get reply, no matter what kind of question they have. Our philosophy is that by doing that, our knowledge will increase due to their need for good answers from us. Also, we get good statistics reflecting what people in general are wondering about.
Our reader's positive feedback to this service gives us the boost to continue. We also assume that by answering all questions, the happy readers will spread the words about us. So far (October 2009) we are counting more than 700.000 visitors to our web pages.

Property purchase
We see an increasing activity in property sales now when Isla Margarita is getting well known to foreigners. This is due to an increasing number of charters and also recent positive reviews. People discover the low prices here and the genuine culture, climate and nature.
Our main section Properties for sale with its sub sections gives you much of the information you should know about real estate here. We believe that by informing as much as possible, you as a potential property buyer will be encouraged to find your home here through us.

What distinguish us from our competitors?

  • We are always updated on nice properties for sale on Isla Margarita 
  • We present only properties that we really believe are of interest for foreigners
  • We try to cover everything, from small attractive apartments to luxury houses, land, commercial properties and more
  • We have access to the most interesting properties directly with the owners or through our trusted partners
  • We help you through the whole process; from finding a property, understanding the purchase process, as well as offering third party and trusted lawyers to verify that all paperwork is performed correctly.
  • We offer after-sales services in order for you to get in order and can also take care and even rent out your property when you are away
  • We are actually here on the island, not in a remote office in Europe. If you decide to visit the island, we will welcome you personally and help you with whatever you need us for
  • We gladly show you around on the island so that you can understand and choose between living areas and property alternatives. We may do suggestions, but you decide
  • Also, we do not charge you as a potential buyer for our services


There are many tourists that want to have some nice days here but outside the typical resorts, hotels and tourist areas. Our section Properties for rent hopefully help them finding really good alternatives. If you are looking for something special to rent, we may probably help you.

Other services

By living here, knowing what is going on and by having a broad contact network, we are able to organise business and pleasure related tasks for people that need such help. Do you want to get something extra from your stay in Margarita? Together with our partners, we may help you with more than you maybe think. Try us!

If we may help you, please contact us at

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